ZUUK Kitchen
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The ZUUK story

Zuuk is about tradition, about what started the day when we were young, about what brought the family to the table.

Roger, Sam and I come from similar background, where good and tough times were cherished and solved in the dining room; were our grandparents used to set the tone with wonderful food and bring smiles throughout the night.

We thought that people needed to have those moments more often, and while time passes by very quickly and we start deviating from what was good, from the "good old times". As friends and family that we are; we wanted to share our "good old times" in the dining room with you.

Zuuk honors who we are, our traditions, the simplicity that we were brought up with, and the amazing food that was made in our homes everyday. We want to make sure that we bring our healthy Mediterranean cooking to you. The one we grew up with and the one that we crave on a daily basis.